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Party Wear Dresses

Party Wear dresses are one of the most popular of dresses. The perfect party wear dress is luxurious fabrics and details that push things over the edge.

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Party Wear Dresses


Party wear dresses are, without a doubt, the most popular of all wedding dress codes, but determining what to wear as a guest can be difficult. The key to the perfect cocktail dress for your evening is luxurious fabrics and details that push things over the edge. If you are looking for something classic without spending a lot of money, you will find it here.


Party Wear Dresses at The Strives


At Strives, we try to incorporate as many tips from the top fashion gurus, latest trend and our cultural value to get you the perfect piece that would make your evening even more delightful. While designing party wear dresses for you, we keep in mind the aesthetics, modernity, uniqueness and most importantly your feminine elegance. We want you to rock at dinner parties, evening drinks, casual business meet-ups or anything you might wish to attend. There are no hard and fast rules to your freedom of choice and to further motivate you we continually add new collections to offer you enough choice and customization.


The making of Party Wear Dresses


Our luxurious materials and accents that push things over the edge are the secret to our ultimate party wear dress for your night out. Handcrafted to perfection to suit your style and swag. We’ve designed party wear dresses for every time and mood as our aim is to offer you as many choices so you could be at your best. After all, wearing what one loves is the best attire possible.


While designing party wear dresses, we received many tips that are worth sharing like during the day, you could pick natural colors and fresh styles and, in the evening, feel free to utilize darker hues and embellishments such as sequins or feathers. Occasionally, a white cocktail dress paired to heels are apt for an early evening time while a heavy embroidered black cocktail dress would fit perfect when you’re staying a late night. A lot depends on the venue and the type of event. So, keeping these in mind and adding the right kind of accessory would be the best match.