Privacy Policy

The Strives is committed to doing business with thehighest ethical standards and appropriate internalcontrols with respect to protecting Your information.Our Privacy Policy applies to all users of theWebsite and the Service. The Strives Terms of Service(“Terms”) are incorporated herein by referenceand are available at Term & Conditions. All definedterms in the Privacy Policy shall have the samemeaning as defined in the Terms. The Strives adheresto the following policies with regards to Yourprivacy.

1. Definitions

A. “Non-Personal Information” is information thatis in no way personally identifiable and that isobtained automatically through Your simple use ofthe Website with a web browser or the Service.

B. “Personally Identifiable Information” is non-publicinformation that is personally identifiable andobtained in connection with providing a product orservice to You. It may include information such asYour name, address, age, telephone number etc.

2. Information Collected

When You enter the Website, We collect Non-PersonalInformation such as Your browser type and IPaddress. Likewise, in order to offer You meaningfulproducts and services and for other reasons, Wemay collect Personally Identifiable Information aboutYou from the following sources:

  • Information You give us on applications or other formson the Website and/or Software;or
  • Information You send us via any medium, including,but not limited to email, telephone,and social media interaction; or
  • If You use a mobile device platform to access theServices or communicate with TheStrives, information transmitted from Your mobiledevice; or
  • Information from third parties.

Following are briefly ways and means by which informationcould be collected:

A. Registration

In order to become a user of Services, You may provideus the following information to create anaccount: name, email address, company name and address,phone number.The Strives may request other information from Youduring or after the registration process that TheStrives uses to provide better and more customizedservices to You. You acknowledge that thisinformation is personal to You, and by creating anaccount on The Strives Website, You may allowothers, including The Strives, to identify You andto allow The Strives to use Your information inaccordance with the Terms.

B. Customer Service

We collect information when You interact with TheStrives customer service in order to accuratelycategorize and respond to customer inquiries and investigatebreaches of Our terms.

C. Using Third Party Services and Visiting Third Party Websites

Information You provide to third party websites throughthe Website or the Service are not within thecontrol of The Strives and You provide such informationat Your own risk. The terms and conditions ofuse and the privacy policies of such third party websitesthat You provide information to through theService will govern their use of such information.Any information You share with third party websitesthrough the Website or the Service will be collectedby The Strives. The Strives will use suchinformation in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

D. Use of Cookies

The Website may send a “cookie” to Your computer.A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent toYour browser from a web server and stored on Yourcomputer’s hard drive. A cookie cannot read dataoff Your hard disk or read cookie files created byother websites. Cookies do not damage Yoursystem. Cookies allow Us to recognize You as a userwhen You return to the The Strives Websiteusing the same computer and web browser. We use cookiesto identify which areas of Our WebsiteYou have visited and how you use the Website the datacollected is used to analyse your use of theWebsite and to enhance the user experience. We alsomay use this information to better personalizethe content that You see on the Website. Most browsersoftware can be set to reject Cookies.However, if You reject Our Cookies, certain functionalityon the Website may not work correctly or atall. We do not link Non-Personal Information fromCookies to Your Personally Identifiable Information.

In the course of optimizing the Service to Our Users,We may allow authorized third parties to place orrecognize a unique cookie on Your browser. Any informationprovided to third parties through cookieswill not be personally identifiable, but may providegeneral segment information for the enhancementof Your user experience by providing more relevantadvertising.

E. Web Beacons

The Strives also may use web beacons, pixels, anonymousad network tags, and cookies to collectNon- Personal Information about Your use of the Websiteand the websites of selected sponsors andadvertisers, to collect anonymous, aggregated auditing,research and reporting for advertisers, and tocollect data related to Your use of special promotionsor newsletters etc. The information collected byWeb Beacons also allows us to statistically monitordata with respect to our Website and Services andthose of our associated third parties. Our Web Beaconsare not used to track Your activity outside ofthe Website or the websites of Our sponsors. We donot link Non-Personal Information from WebBeacons to Personally Identifiable Information withoutYour permission. However, because Your webbrowser requests advertisements and web beacons directlyfrom ad network servers, these networkscan view, edit or set their own cookies, just as ifYou had requested a web page from their Website.If You are a non-registered visitor to the Website, the only information We collect will be Non-PersonalInformation through the use of cookies or web beacons.

F. Log Files, IP Addresses and information about your computer and mobile device.

Due to the communications standards on the internet,when You visit the Website We automaticallyreceive the URL of the website from which You cameand the website to which You are going whenYou leave The Strives’s Website. The Strives alsoreceives the internet protocol (“IP”) address of Yourcomputer (or the proxy server You use to access theWorld Wide Web), Your computer operatingsystem and type of web browser You are using, yourusage patterns, Your mobile device (includingYour UDID) and mobile operating system (if You areaccessing the Website using a mobile device), aswell as the name of Your ISP or Your mobile carrier.The Strives may also receive location datapassed to it from third-party services or GPS-enableddevices that You have enabled. Also, asdescribed above in Section 2.D. The Strives receivesinformation when You access third-party webpages through the Service. The link between Your IPaddress and Your personally identifiableinformation is not shared with third parties withoutYour permission, except as described in Section 8.(“When We May Disclose Your Information”), below.

Behavioral Targeting

The Strives may partner with a third party ad networkto either display advertising on Website or tomanage our advertising on other sites. Our ad partneruses cookies and Web beacons to collect non-personally identifiable information about your activitieson Website and other websites to provide youtargeted advertising based upon your interests.


The Website and the Services includes Social MediaFeatures, such as showing a Twitter feed. Thesefeatures may collect your IP address, which page youare visiting on a website, and may set a cookieto enable the feature to function properly. SocialMedia Features and Widgets are either hosted by athird party or hosted directly on Website. Your interactionswith these Features are governed by theprivacy policy of the company providing it.

3. Exemptions From Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy does not apply to any informationYou post from the Website to other third partywebsites, due to the public nature of such postings.

4. Use of Personally Identifiable Information

The Strives uses and/or intends to use Personal Information to:Operate and improve the Website;Provide Users with the Service and other productsand services that a User may request or that a User has expressed interest in;Facilitate subscription processing, reviews and analysis;Evaluate User interest and needs in order to improvethe Service and make available otheroffers, products or services;Evaluate the types of offers, products or servicesWe make available to Users and potentialUsers;Track use of the Services;Provide customer support;Communicate and provide additional information thatmay be of interest to Users throughemail or other means, such as special offers, announcements,and marketing materials;Send You reminders, technical notices, updates, securityalerts and support andadministrative messages, service bulletins, or marketing;Provide advertisements to You through email messages;andManage Our everyday business needs such as Websiteadministration, forum management,fulfillment, analytics, fraud prevention, enforcementof Our corporate reporting obligations,Terms of Use or to comply with the law.

5. Links/Postings to Other Websites

The Website and/or Service may contain links to otherWebsites. The Strives is not responsible for theactions, practices, or content of such Websites linkedto or from the Website. You understand thatsuch websites may have their own legal documents towhich You must agree to prior to using and thatWe have no control over these legal documents. Asalways, You understand that it is Yourresponsibility to verify Your legal use of a websiteas well as use of information from the website withthe corresponding website owner.

6. Market Research

The Strives may conduct online research surveys inorder to gather feedback about the Website andopinions on important issues, through email invitations.When participating in a survey, We may askYou to submit Personally Identifiable Information.This Personally Identifiable Information is usedforresearch purposes, and is not used for sales solicitations.Personally Identifiable Information collectedthrough market research will be used only by The Strivesand will not be given or sold to a third partywithout Your consent or as otherwise permitted bythis Privacy Policy.

7. Use of Aggregate Data

The Strives may combine Non-Personal Information You provide through the Website with informationfrom other users to create aggregate data that maybe disclosed to third parties. Aggregateinformation does not contain any information thatcould be used to identify You and does not includeYour personal contact information.

8. When We May Disclose Your Information

Except as set forth below or as specifically agreedto by You, The Strives will not disclose anyPersonally Identifiable Information as gathered fromYou on the Website.
A. We may share Personally Identifiable informationin limited fashion to Our contractors and serviceproviders that perform services on Our behalf, including,but not limited to, operation of the Websitetechnology, marketing services, research servicesand other related services. Unless You have opted-out (see Section 8.C. below) of such sharing, thesecontractors also may have access to Your emailaddress to send newsletters or special promotionsto You on Our behalf or to send emails to You forpurposes such as conducting market research on Ourbehalf. Access to Your Personally IdentifiableInformation by such contractors and service providersis limited to the information reasonablynecessary for the contractor to perform its limitedfunction for The Strives. We also contractuallyrequire that such contractors and service providers:1) protect the privacy of Your PersonallyIdentifiable Information consistent with this PrivacyPolicy, and 2) not use or disclose Your Personally Identifiable Information for any purpose other thanproviding us with products and services as requiredby law.
B. We may share Personally Identifiable informationWe collect, as permitted by law, to companiessuch as credit reporting agencies, or servicing andprocessing companies, or when required oradvised to do so in response to a valid legal requirementto release this information such as a state orfederal law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena,or court order; or (2) in special cases, such asinresponse to a physical threat to You or others, toprotect property, or defend or assert legal rights,todefend ourselves in litigation. In the event thatWe are legally compelled to disclose Your PersonallyIdentifiable information to a third party, We willattempt to notify You unless doing so would violatethelaw or court order.
C. If You prefer that We do not share certain informationwith Our contractors and service provider, asdescribed above, You can direct us not to share thatinformation by contacting us at [email protected] Please note that an opt-out with respectto information sharing will not apply toinformation sharing arrangements described Sections8.A or B.
Finally, The Strives may provide content and servicesto You through websites other than Our own.The Strives will not disclose Your Personally IdentifiableInformation to these 3rd party websiteswithout Your consent, but You should be aware thatany information You disclose on such Websites isNOT subject to this Privacy Policy.

9. Security Policy and User ID/Password

Our Website and Service utilizes various informationsecurity measures such as internet firewalls, anintrusion detection system, encrypted data transmission,and operating procedures to protect Yourpersonal data, accounts, passwords, etc. This informationis kept completely separate andconfidential, unless You have given someone-else Youruser ID and password. As such, You shouldprotect Your user ID and password and NOT share itwith anyone. If You believe Your user ID andpassword have been compromised and You have troublechanging your user ID/password on theWebsite or within the application, please contactOur technical support department [email protected]

10. Transfer of Ownership

If the entire or substantial ownership of the Websiteor the Service were to change, Your userinformation may be transferred to the new owner sothe service can continue operations. In any suchtransfer of information, Your user information wouldremain subject to the promises of Our thencurrent Privacy Policy.

11. Your Acceptance of this Privacy Policy

This is Our entire Privacy Policy and it supersedesany earlier version. You agree to it every time You use the Website and/or Software.
If We make any material changes to this Privacy Policy,We will notify You by email or by posting a prominent notice on the Website prior to the change becoming effective. We encourage You to periodically review this page for the latest information on Our privacy practices. Your continued use of the Website or Service constitutes Your agreement to be bound by such changes to this Policy. Your only remedy, if You do not accept the terms of this Policy, is to discontinue use of the Website and Service.

12. Questions About this Privacy Policy

Should You have a privacy question about the Websiteand/or the Service, please email Our customerservice department ([email protected]